• the soundextreme 32" soundbar from the front with red lights on

    SoundExtreme SEDS32″

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  • A custom golf cart with a complete sound system installed

    Ecoxgear Pro Sound System

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  • The SEB28-New sound bar is a soundbar designed for outdoor and motorsport uses it has powerful sound and can be hard wired or battery powered. It is perfect for a custom golf cart.

    ECOXGEAR 28″ SoundExtreme Sound Bar

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  • bazooka 24" soundbar for custom golf carts

    Bazooka BPB24-G2 Party Bar Powered 24″ Bluetooth® 8-speaker sound bar with LED lighting

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  • A 26" Soundextreme from front with orange lights for a golf cart sound system customization

    EcoXgear Soundbar SE26

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  • the soundextreme 18" soundbar from the front with red lights

    SoundExtreme 18″

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